Grass-Fed and Finished

Black Angus Beef

raised on the grassy prairies of Rush, Colorado
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antibiotic free
our cows are GMO,

hormone, and antibiotic free

pay for what you get 
your final price is based on the hanging weight of YOUR cow!

Farm-Raised Beef is Superior Quality Beef!

done   no overcrowded, flithy, diseased feed lots
done   healthy and absolutely delicious
done   grass fed and finished - no moldy grains here!
done   raised with love by a family run ranch

Why choose Winters Cattle Ranch beef?

Hannah saying hi to the curious cows

On our family-run, 5th generation ranch, we are deeply committed to producing premium Black Angus beef. Our unique approach is to never confine our cattle in pens but rather allow them to roam freely on the pasture every day. This is what sets our beef (and pork!) apart and makes them stand out as the best in quality and flavor. You are guaranteed to taste the difference in every bite!

Once you taste how good our beef and pork are, we can promise you will not buy from a grocery store again!

Once you taste how good our beef is,

you'll say no thanks to grocery store meat!

Know where your beef is coming from. No more ground beef made up of multiple cows from multiple locations. No "meat glue". No moldy grain or hormone and antibiotic laden feed or injections. Just pure beef - the way beef was meant to be eaten! Your beef sides and all cuts are from a single cow.

Pasture-raised beef roam freely on open pastures, graze on grass and natural vegetation, and have ample space to move around. Cattle have a more natural and less stressful life, with the ability to express their natural behaviors. This method promotes sustainable land use as cattle graze on open pastures, which can be integrated with other agricultural practices. Generally, the meat tends to be leaner and has a distinctive flavor influenced by the animal's natural diet. Pasture-raised beef offers a more natural and sustainable approach to raising cattle, resulting in improved animal welfare, reduced environmental impact, and superior meat quality. Choosing pasture-raised beef supports sustainable agriculture and contributes to better overall food systems.

Know what you and your family are eating and choose pasture-raised, locally grown beef!

Pickup and Delivery in Colorado

We offer pickup and delivery only (no shipping available) to the Pueblo, Colorado Springs,

Falcon, Peyton, Calhan, Fountain, Castle Rock, and Monument areas of Colorado.

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Receive FREE delivery on all beef sides orders!

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