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Dry Aged Grass fed Black Angus 1/2 Beef - Wiley USDA Processing

Dry Aged Grass fed Black Angus 1/2 Beef - Wiley USDA Processing

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Please note: we will contact you after purchase with anticipated butcher date.

Practices: Rotationally Grazed, Dryland Grazed, Grass Fed, Grass Finished.

Our grass-fed and finished 1/2 beef is $8.25/LB and your estimated final price is between $1200 - $2250 (dependent on size of cow) plus butcher costs ($60 fee + $1.25/lb). Your final price is determined by the hanging weight of the cow. Once the cow has been processed and weighed, you will receive an email with a link to pay for the final charge.

- Recommended for large families with 2 adults and hungry kids
- Will take up to 50% of an upright freezer (24 cu.ft.)
- Custom Cut to your specifications. We will help you with this - its easy with our help,
Beef prices for a half average $1650 and with the butcher fees the average total cost is around $1900. This can vary with a larger or smaller than average animal.
- Half and whole beef customers at Winters Ranch enjoy the best value and greatest ability to customize their order, like how thick you want your steaks, what cuts you want, what roast you want, or which you want to ground into burger packages. And half and whole customers get all the bones and organ meat if they select them when we work with you on your cutting instructions. We will help walk you through the process of doing your cutting instructions, it's easier than you think. 

If you’re thinking about a quarter beef, maybe get a friend to go in with you and get a half!


Purchase Details

1/2 Grassfed Beef (approx 160-200 pounds of finished meat)

$900 non-refundable deposit / remainder due on butcher date once beef has been weighed

Total amount due to Winters Ranch: $1200 - $2250 (depending on size of cow and hanging weight)

Plus Butcher Fees: $1.25 per hanging pound plus $60 processing fee

Make a Deposit:
Your deposit ensures that one of our cows will be grown just for you. The total deposit will be applied to the final cost of the order.

What’s a Hanging Pound?
Our prices are based on "hanging" pounds. Hanging weight is about 50 – 60% of the weight of "live weight" (also called "on the hoof"). Finished weight is about 55-60% of hanging weight, depending on your custom cut instructions - like whether you cut bone-in or not, for example. At Winters Cattle Ranch, you are only charged for the hanging weight of your 1/2 cow.

Butcher Costs:
You will also be responsible for paying the butcher costs at $1.25 per hanging pound for butcher fees, but these may vary. Processing fees listed above include the slaughter plant processing fee, the cost of boxes, and the responsible disposal/reuse fee for the few unused parts of the steer/heifer.

Check out the butcher cuts Wiley Processing offers here:

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