Bulk Meats

We work with Wiley Processing (offers optional USDA processing), Hwy 10 Processing, and Simla for all of our bulk meat orders. Once at the butcher it takes 14-18 days for dry age processing to be completed. Once your order is ready the butcher will contact you for delivery or pick up. The cut sheets for each processor can be found here: Wiley | Hwy 10 | Simla

These are the approximate processing costs for bulk beef purchases. This is paid separately to the processor.

$1000 whole beef average
$500 1/2 beef average
$250 1/4 beef average

*This could vary! Butcher charges by weight.


How much meat will I be taking home?

We have a “basic formula”: Your “yield” cut is approx 60% of the hanging weight after 30 days of dry aging. Some animals have longer bones and this will vary. We encourage customers to take advantage of including the bones and offal (organs) in their submitted cut sheet(s) to add to the percentage. These are great for soups or to feed to your dogs.

What is the difference between live, hanging, and finished weights?

We wrote up an explanation of these weights and what each one means - you can read that here. Winters Ranch uses "hanging weight" to calculate the final bill for all beef sides and whole or half pork purchases.

Refund Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will buy the meat back from you for 50% of the purchase price. This can be in form of a credit to your original method of payment or as an in-house store credit to be used on a future order.

Beef/Pork must be kept frozen at all times. Any returns must be returned to us in a frozen state.

All deposits are non-refundable.


image that shows how much beef purchasing a whole cow or portions of a whole cow will give you


image showing how much meat you'll receive for ehole or half a pig